Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bet You Didn't Know

111 Things About Me...hmmmm...

1. I was born during the Oklahoma Blizzard of January 1970.
2. My mom swears I was born in the middle of the night but according to my birth certificate it was more like 9:02 a.m. (my mom obviously likes to sleep in.) That is why I have no sense of time.
3. I have one brother (younger) who I see once every five years.
4. I believe in fate.
5. My favorite color is brown.
6. Patchoulli calms my soul.
7. 1) History Channel 2)National Geographic Channel 3)DIY
8. 1)House 2) Boston Legal 3) Desperate Housewives
9. My first movie/tv star crush was on Rick Springfield
10. I think I am funny
11. My parents are still married
12. I have lived in three different communes
13. I lived with monks in silence for a week
14. When I was 19 I moved to Colorado with my boyfriend/first husband to be...aND CAN REMEMBER NOTHING ABOUT THE ENTIRE THREE MONTHS except some guy slept on our couch (his name was Slayer)
15. I am right handed
16. I know how to read Tarot Cards
17. I would like to take dance classes
18. Favorite Movies: Sunset Blvd., Mildred Pierce., Natural Born Killers
19. I like the opera
20. My hero is my dad.
21. I remember meeting Rave for the first time (softball) becoming friends (on the way home from Shawnee) and really bonding over how cute the towtruck driver was at Walgreens.
22. I don't know what an IPOD is or how to use it
23. I get nervous when I play Spades on-line even though I have a high score
24. Long Island Iced Tea
25. Favorite time of the day--after the kids are asleep
26. Favorite season: Autumn/Fall
27. The easiest decision I ever made was to divorce and become a single parent
28. I am glad I remarried. Man-o-mine can be an asshole, but he is mine
29. If I had the money I would go to an Ashram for awhile
30. I am more broad in my theology than most of the people around me...for example, I don't care if Jesus was married.
31. I am a carnivore...I love meat, especially steak.
32. One of my biggest turn ons is the way my husband smells after he has been grilling on the bar-b-que.
33. Favorite place on earth, in no particular order, Tahquitz Canyon or Joshua Tree; Durango, CO/Mesa Verde, CO
34. Favorite Drink: Icee's, Diet Coke or Iced Tea.
35. 42D
36. Nature vs. Nurture, definately both
37. Music? Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison, Nick Cave, and the Blues
38. I love live music, it excites me
39. AC/DC Back in Black was my first concert and the first time I drank beer
40. I hate board games (Monopoly) but love games of strategy (Othello, Chess)
41. I hate brussel sprouts
42. Sometimes I wish I had another baby
43. Sometimes I wish I didn't have the babies I have
44. I learn more about my kids from listening to them talk in the car to eachother than they want me to know.
45. TOP SECRET: I like the band Air Supply
46. I prefer concerts that are outside rather than inside
47. I tend to take pictures of the unusual rather than of people (unless they are unusual)
48. Sometimes I wonder who my real dad is and if he knows about me
49. I make lists of things to do so I don't forget
50. I'm afraid of big trucks on the highway
51. Favorite Author: Stephen King
52. Favorite Book: The Stand
53. The only female rock singer I can stand is Janis Joplin (I hate Pat Benetar, Stevie Nix and Heart)
54. Man-o-mines first date was to see the Eagles in Dallas
55. Msan-o-mine and I will have been married nine years on Wednesday
56. Hardwood floors rule.
57. Barefoot or flipflops. I hate tight shoes.
58. The only piece of jewelry I wear consistently is my wedding ring.
59. I have picked out my new tatoo. ( I will share pics as soon as it is legal to get it done here in the Bible Belt)
60. I believe I can do it all therefor I accomplish very little
61. Sometimes I wonder if I am just lazy instead of clinically depressed
62. I love to learn and would love to earn a PHD in Psychology
63. I hate swallowing pills
64. i KNOW i need to quit but I love to smoke
65. I like long skirts
66. The first thing I notice about a man is his legs. I love defined calf muscles.
67. I have kissed a girl
68. I love man-o-mines nicknames for me. It makes me feel special.
69. I wish I got along better with my mother-in-law.
70. I am in therapy.
71. I think blogging is therapy.
72. I love to watch people.
73. I write poems.
74. I have taken the road less traveled many times
75. Biggest mistake? 1988-1990
76. Proudest moment? Walking across the stage at my college graduation
77. Sometimes I get stir cray and resist the urge to run away from home
78. I like throwing small dinner parties
79. If my husband would let me I would cook more (I really like to bake)
80. Biggest surprise this week? My husband watched Pretty Woman by himself.
81. Motto I live by: If its organic don't panic.
82. I had my first kiss in 1st grade. His name was Charles.
83. Most romantic moment? When my husband learned how to play guitar and sang If I Were A Carpenter for our anniversary.
84. I like diners
85. I love Cheese
86. If I had a choice between more hours in the day or more money throughout the week...I would go with the money
87. Sometimes I think I am a lousy parent
88. When I was growing up we named our animals after presidents and their wives
89. When I moved out I had a black cat named PeaceFrog and another silver persian inbred psychocat named CODAKITTY.
90. I worry that I am becoming my mother.
91. When I was little I lived with my grandparents
92. I like wearing false fingernails
93. I hate using other peoples bathrooms (people I dont know well)
94. I enjoyed Brokeback Mountain but didn't understand why it was such a big deal
95. I enjoyed the Davinci Code but didn't understand why it is such a big deal
96. I radiate heat when I sleep...people used to tell me that all the time.
97. Alcohol? Long Island Iced Tea and Jagermeister shots (not at the same time).
98. I have lost 30 pounds this year.
99. I drive to fast.
100. I was going to let my hair turn its natural was gray, I changed my mind.
101. I like true crime shows and biographies.
102. I thought my cell phone was broken and it turns out it was just turned off.
103. The best part of childbirth was the drugs.
104. I hate my house but with a little help from my friends it gets better everyday
105. I am intimated by Doctors.
106. I collect antique Fiestaware.
107. I believe in God
108. I love music but never get the lyrics right
109. Rainy Days and Mondays always bring me down
110. Butter Pecan Ice Cream, do I need to say more?
111. As Maya Angelou says, "When you know better, you do better."


Anonymous Sissy said...

Ahhh, Joshua Tree! Love it there!

10:22 PM  
Blogger Rave said...

I'm so proud of you! We wait for DAYS for you to post, and finaly a single big-a$$ed post in a month! WOO HOO!

And Butter Pecan is my favorite too!

Is the dad I know not your dad? Is there a story here?

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Harvey said...

Happy Anniversary :-)

Now link this post in the About Me section of your sidebar :-)

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Bou said...

I loved your list! You have so much in your past!

6:38 PM  
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