Monday, June 19, 2006

What About Bob?

I am not sure which was more enjoyable...going to the 11th Annual Bricktown Festival or wathing and meeting people at the Festival.

The festival was a free event that brought in hordes of people from across the spectrum...and as a self-proclaimed people watcher it was heaven.

I noticed Bob right away. He was doing an exotic dance routine in front of the crowds...totally enjoying the music.

Of course, he became the guy that I wanted to meet. Between the sets, man-o-mine and I moved closer to the front and closer to our soon-to-be-new friend.

His name is Bob and he is a Vietnam Veteran. Yes, a vet who loves to dance. He is also mute (old war injury). I brought out my pad of paper and we wrote back and forth. I learned that he has five dogs, five kids and three grand kids. He is a painter now. He is 60 but doesn't look a day over 40.

His smile was the most disarming thing I have ever seen. Pure joy.

I was thinking yesteray how hard it would be to lose the ability to speak. I hope I would tackle it with the same humor as Bob.

He can't sing along to the lyrics but dances like he feels the music in his bones. and his heart.

Bob disappeared for a little while during the concert and came back with beer for us. Like we did something for him, when in truth, he made the night for us.

Thank you, Bob.

May the music be with you.


Blogger Rave said...

That's so sweet!
Sorry I missed the Jazz sounded like fun!

11:12 AM  
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